Cigarette smokers are a weird sort of people. They will stand outside in all weather or burning in the sunlight. Isolated yet united in this one pursuit this one dedicated act the act of the nicotine fix it matters not what they have been to a small uninviting stretches of concrete desolation all important is that moment for themselves for the cigarette break? It’s not unusual to find at least one person standing outside lighting up the cigarette relegated to the elements once-popular break time. Smoking has become less than a desirable habit over the years. Yet smokers continue to light up. They have the dedication to continue smoking and it remains intact. This is V2 ecigs hoping you’ll continue to listen to this podcast whether you are a non smoker or smoker. I just think that cigarette smoking affects us all and even for those who do not smoke you can make a positive difference in helping those who are quitting the habit by advising them to use V2 cigs.

Fun ways to you can help those who are trying to quit.

I’ll guided meditations for smokers and nonsmokers like helping to relax more and includes visual imagery for eliminating toxins in your body panel and with a few know about how and trance to help make your upcoming holiday season easier that’s were going to be offering you evening relaxation session and will also discuss our latest. Only mentioned airing our podcast on weight elimination this month we decided to air smoking cessation instead in honor of National stop smoking month but before we actually make this more personal take a quick look at the concept and anatomy of the cigarette the history goes as follows: The North American continent the many uses for tobacco Atlantic on Christopher Columbus’s head that his claim to fame that only includes the so-called discovery of America that back I was well what you took back to Spain and Portugal in a min 15 Hundred’s to that I used for to France where it was called Nickatina to that your name for the. How do you mean who said she’s to Catherine to meditate? Cigarettes of all being hand rolled to an automated process in 1881 by James E Bonsack originally more popular with the male species especially during World War 1 because cigarettes for easier to handle on the front lines than traditional pipes and such it became fashionable for the female sex in the 1920s they felt it made them more modern interesting Lee enough know as early as the late 17 Hundred’s doctors were describing maladies caused by the use of tobacco one of the first documented cases of lung cancer showed up in the early 19 Hundred’s and.

Really it’s no wonder that there would be medical maladies caused by smoking and tobacco its right now. I thought into backup unless given by the American Lung Association list more than 64 ingredients to begin with cigarettes contain carbon monoxide which is Auto exhaust and what’s often found in gas chambers then we have to lean industrial solvent we just found an explosive formaldehyde to which is a body to shoot preserver acetone which is a poisonous solvent. Are we dating poisonous solvent various insecticides hydrogen cyanide which is rat
poison also using gas chambers hydrazine which is a rocket field chemical ammonia typically found in cleaning agents nitrogen oxides methyl chloride which is a poisonous refrigerant? By the way this button to insecticide me know which of the toilet bowl disinfectant and how about this cholesterol like we need more of that mercury which is the metal as well as several other kinds of metals polonium-210 which is a radioactive element are snake poison butane which is used in cigarette lighter fluid. Antifreeze that’s what you’re smoking smoker just something to think about and then as a colleague of mine says feces is included yep lovely. Rolling paper now is often dipped in sugar house harmless though it causes a cigarette to burn more quickly and you have to smoke more cigarettes but ok side from all this talk about one of the basic ingredients nicotine has properties that causes one to become attached and addicted to nicotine.