Vaping with V2 cigs

Today I had a conversation with someone about my position on smoking. I said smoking in public was selfish. They disagreed and thought that saying so was wrong. They work(ed) in the anti-smoking field. I was shocked and somewhat disturbed by what I read.

This person treated smokers like victims of the tobacco industry. They felt that smokers should be helped and not attacked. This sounds amazing in theory. Wouldn’t it be great if we could educate and love everyone into doing the right thing? The problem is that if that worked no one would smoke. The facts are out there- they are on our TVs, they are on our cigarette packs, they are on our computers, they are on our radios, they are on our billboards. Anyone who still doesn’t believe that smoking is bad for you is unlikely to change their minds. There is also a lot of help out there for those wanting to quit. No one has ever made great change by playing the victim card. Addiction is awful and hard, but ultimately quitting (and smoking) is a choice. I suggested that a better way to quit would be to start vaping. e-cigs have been shown to be extremely helpful in helping smoking cessation. V2 ecigs also offer coupons, which in addition to helping save you from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke, will also help save you a lot of money.

I tried to explain that there are many ways to go about getting the same result, and that different methods were likely to work for different people. She didn’t seem to agree. It’s unfortunate, but the sad fact is that the way we are doing things now ISN’T WORKING. Smoking rates haven’t dropped in YEARS and attitudes aren’t changing very quickly either. Why are we spending millions of dollars on programs that aren’t working? Maybe it’s time to take a different approach.

Are we putting our smoke free future in the wrong hands? And why is there only one way to do things? Why is discussion and debate such a bad thing? I’m noticing that more and more youths are partaking in vaping with electronic cigarettes. I think there needs to be a national discussion about this, as studies have shown that science and the medical community are not 100% in agreeance that vaping is 100% safe. Yes, it is safer than smoking normal cigarettes, but at what cost?

How many more smokers will have to die before they realize that switching over to an e-cigarette is probably the better thing for them to do for their health.

Ideally I’d like to be nice and supportive to everyone, but ultimately my goal is to protect the public from second hand smoke. If I have to be untactful to get results, then I’m happy to do just that.