V2 Cigs tips and tricks

Here are 3 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

      1. When purchasing eliquid, be sure to buy more than you need. If you find a flavor that you like, and if you run out, you will find that other flavors don’t taste as good and you don’t get as pleasurable experience as you would with your normal brand. This is normal and to be expected. So if you purchase a 2 week supply normally, try buying a one month supply, then keeping 2 weeks of e-liquid in your desk or cupboard. This way if the post office or UPS ever fails to deliver, or there is a delivery exception, or if you just plain forget to re-order then you will still have a 2 week supply left until your next order arrives.

2. Keeping the voltage levels down on your electronic cigarette serves a two fold purpose: It helps keep your consumption of the eliquid down. The higher the voltage you use, the more liquid is consumed and the faster you will run out. Some people say that you get a stronger “hit” from every puff on the vaping device, but that leads us to the 2nd reason why it’s wrong: It’s plain unsafe. Several studies have shown that increased voltage on the ecig can cause a chemical reaction to occur that changes the harmless liquid into very harmful formaldehyde. You sometimes find ecigs that are set to “unsafe” voltages when you buy products from China. This is why you should only purchase from approved vendors. You can find out more information on our ecig statistical analysis page that describes the scientific survey methods used in our study.

3. Use coupon codes to your advantage. Some companies offer them, some don’t. Companies like V2 cigs have multiple promo codes going on at any given time. You can find 50% off, 25% off, Vape 4 Free program, as well as free shipping discounts. There are many websites out there that claim to have working codes. We tried a sampling of the discounts purported to be offered and found that over 75% of them did not work! On the sites that did have over 50% of codes that worked, we noticed that they were big coupon sites.

V2 electronic cigarette coupons

Are you looking for v2 ecig promo codes? Here are the latest:

      FREESHIP: Gives free shipping on any order


      HOLIDAYDISCNT: Gives a 35% discount on all orders placed before December 31st, 2015.


      30OFF: Gives 30% off your entire order.


      50%OFF: Allows you to take 50% off on certain products. Restrictions apply.


      VAPE4FREE: Allows you to join the “Vape4Free” program that earns you rewards for sales referred.


    SANSASHIP: Gives priority overnight shipping to any order.

New products for V2 ecigs

There are several new products they are rolling out before the start of 2016. Take advantage of these early bird specials and see what new innovations in vaping are in store for next year!