User Demographics in ecig study

In September of 2015, we visited the vaping convention in Miami, Florida. We set up to survey as many people as we could, in conjunction with v2 ecigarettes. V2 provided the personnel (in the form of their rank-and-file employees who where mandated to attend the after hours event on the weekend). Below are the statistics we complied from our survey.

During the v2 ecigarette survey a team of 1,000 volunteers in blue and green uniforms, known as v2 research team, were stationed at key locations throughout the vaping convention to make people’s experience of the V2 sponsored vaping convention even better. Many were trained to direct people to events or places of interest as well as giving people information and advice.

When shown a photo of a group of V2 Ambassadors, most people recalled seeing them: three in four had encountered a V2 Ambassador during their time in Miami (56%). More than two in five people had asked Team London Ambassadors for help (74%). Around a quarter (23%) had not seen a V2 Ambassador at all.

One in 4 respondents indicated on the survey that they are using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Out of those who are using it as a tool for smoking cessation, 1 in 2 people are using, or have tried the V2 brand.

Those who attended vaping convention were more likely to have asked for help or advice than those who attended other events (46% compared to 41%). This could be due to higher proportion of non-Miami natives at these events (60% of those attending v2 convention events were non-Florida residents, compared to 42% at non-V2 events) and so this would naturally increase the number of people seeking help and advice.

Older people are more likely to have asked for help than young people (48% of over 35s sought help compare to only 39% of those aged 18-34). However, those aged over 55 were also more likely to have not seen a London Ambassador at all, with 27% of this age group
stating they did not recognise them compared to 20% of 35-54 year olds. Three in ten of those from the lower social grades (DE) hadn’t seen a V2 Ambassador (30%) compared to 19% from the higher social grades (AB).

Floridians were less likely than Floridians to have seen V2 Ambassadors as well as ask for help from them. While 80% of non-Floridians had seen the Ambassadors, this falls to 72% of those who live and work in Florida. As may be expected,
non-Floridians were more likely to seek out the help of the V2 Ambassadors with over half of non-Londoners asking for assistance during their stay (52%) compared to 35% of those who live and work in Miami.

There is a trend throughout the research of those who spoke to a V2 Ambassadors being more positive than those who did not. However, given the high levels of satisfaction across all groups, this difference tends to be indicative rather than statistically significant. For instance, this difference is reflected in views on Miami and the events. Those who sought help or advice from a V2 Ambassadors gave an average rating of 8.64 out of ten for events, compared to 8.39 among those who had not seen them and 8.46 among those who had seen them but not sought help or advice. Similarly, when asked if people would recommend visiting Miami to friends and family, 96% of those who had seen an ambassador responded positively compared to 93% of those who had not seen a V2 Ambassadors.

People were generally very positive in their views regarding the V2 Ambassadors. Among those who had seen V2 Ambassadors, 87% felt that the Ambassadors were a good way to welcome visitors to the city, with 63% stating that the V2 Ambassadors they spoke to was polite and friendly. The Ambassadors scored lowest when respondents were asked if they were knowledgeable about the Miami vaping community although a majority still agree (59%).

However, the findings are skewed by the high percentage of ‘don’t knows’. If we exclude these and focus on the views of those who had actually had contact with V2 Ambassadors, a large majority thought that they were a good way to welcome visitors to the city (97%), that they were polite and friendly (96%), that they were helpful (95%), accurate in their information (94%) and knowledgeable of Miami (92%).

In conclusion, we can clearly see that the V2 ambassadors were a resounding success at the vaping convention in Miami, Florida. We strongly recommend the committee take our findings and advice into consideration for the next vaping event in 2016. Our main goal is user satisfaction and participation in the vaping community to further the V2 brand.